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Cost of APD's Reform Obstruction: $2.6M And Counting

While the Albuquerque Police Department's command staff continues to obstruct the reform process with the Department of Justice, the cost of that obstruction for Albuquerque taxpayers continues to grow.

As of June 30, the city had spent $2.6 million on the reform effort, according to the city's latest report to the City Council.

(The report is also posted below.)

Of that, $1.2 million has gone to the independent monitor in the case, James Ginger and his team, and $800,000 has been spent on APD's implementation unit. Another $294,000 has gone for compliance and review audits. And $424,000 has been spent on tort claims and other expenses.

And what have taxpayers gotten for all that money?

Basically a refusal by APD to reform itself.

According to Ginger's latest report, which was filed with the federal court judge in the case in early May, APD's command staff was in "deliberate noncompliance" with certain aspects of the settlement agreement it signed with the DOJ.

Ginger's next report will be filed in early November.

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